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Memoirs of a Fan
If I were to re-cast The Last Airbender, this would be my choice 
24th-Jul-2010 04:59 pm
I recast everyone OLDER, (because it's very difficult for me to go searching for child stars, in an ideal world it would all have been auditions etc, but since this is just fancy.... I don't know any native american actors, so if you have suggestions in that department, feel free to comment.)

Forgive the Photoshopping, it's extremely rushed.


here's a video audition from another kid who knows kung fu but was turned down.

Her'es the casting of someone else, with better mix in the native american spectra. I don't agree with Taylor Lautner as Sokka tho, but oh well.

naru_naoe and I talked about this, and though the photoshopping sucks at the moment (I have things I musts do), we already also have the minor characters plotted out.

Zhanwei Wang as Aang. Zhangwei Wang was first seen as the bully in Karate Kid (2010), he knows kung fu, and he can act. Of course Aang is a happy-go-lucky kid compared to his role in Karate Kid, but at least we know that he can act.

Miao Xie (or Miu Tse depending on your romanization) for Zuko. Miao Xie is actually best known for being Jet Li's on screen son in "My Father is a Hero"/"Jet Li's Enforcer" (a personal favorite of mine) and "The New Legend of Shaolin". I know a lot of fans want Dante Basco here, but, though Dante Basco is Zuko's voice, I think it would be better to cast at least the main characters as Chinese as Zuuko is mainly a Chinese influenced character.

Jet Li as Ozai. I've wanted to see Miu Tse as Jet Li's onscreen son again.

Jacki Chan as Iroh. Comedy and action in Iroh. Jacki Chan was the first person who came to my mind.

Zhang ZiYi as Azula. Zhang Ziyi could do a pretty mean crazy when she wants to. And her fight scenes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well as House of Flying Daggers was a must see. Zhang Ziyi doesn't actually know kung fu but rather uses dancing moves in her fighting, a little bit hard if she's cast in Azula's role for the military hard style but could be improvised.

Chow Yun Fat as Roku. Seen him in Confucious? Although if Mr. Miyagi or Mr. Mako was still around they'd be better.

Now... well here we have some non-Chinese cast in the roles, because outside of the Fire Kingdom, I think it was more vague. For example, I always thought the water tribe looked darker and a bit more Native American soo....

Summer Glau for Katara. Katara's moves are all very fluid and not a lot of her bending is about kung fu. Summer Glau has shown in "Serenity" that she could pretend to fight using her ballerina skills. Also she fits in the water tribe, she looks like she has ambigious ancestry too.

Dante Basco as Haru. Again, although a lot of people would like to cast him as Zuko, I think he should give the chance to others and play a more minor role. Plus he looks more of a Haru than a Zuko. His dancing would make the bending fine.

Dev Patel as Jet. Although Dev Patel was cast as Zuko, he doesn't fit into Zuko's looks. I think he'd do more of a Jet. Nuff said.

Conchita Campbell as Toph. I really really wanted to give this to Dakota Fanning. Seriously, it's hard to find child actors to fit this tally sheet. And it's difficult to find someone who could play blind. But then I remembered 4400 and Conchita Campbell. She could do serious and blind well.

More Minor Cast:

Dichen Lachnan as Mai. She's half-Tibetan and half-Australian. I know her best from the series "Dollhouse" where she mostly played a Korean/Asian roles for Sierra.

Amuro Namie as Ty Li. naru_naoe wanted a dancer for Ty Li and immidiately thought of Japanese singer/dancer Amuro Namie.

Gina Hiraizumi as Suki. We had to search for new upcoming Asian faces for her. We really couldn't think of anyone. To be honest, we only chose her because other people thought she was someone to watch out for.

Maggi Q as Kiyoshi. Same reasons as Hiraizumi. (see Suki)

Morena Baccarin as Yue. We wanted Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin from "Firefly" to come join the mix. Completely minor, but when we remembered how beautiful she looked in firefly as Inara, we remember how beautiful Yue as a moon goddess is.
30th-Aug-2010 11:33 am (UTC)
Those are some interesting choices. Jet Li as the Fire Lord would have been amazing. Jackie Chan as Iroh would have been wonderful as well, plus we'd have had the added bonus of those two together in a movie again. That was another bad idea of Shyamalan's, to go with Indian actors for the Fire Nation. *sigh*

But as you said, it was his idea to do the movie, and for some reason, everyone went along with it. At this point I'm just grateful he wasn't able to get his hands on Lord of the Rings. Goodness knows how atrocious that would have been.
30th-Aug-2010 12:08 pm (UTC)
hey, you dropped by. Haha. I'm a huge Jet Li fan, which is why he was cast here.

MNS cast indian actors for the Fire nation? What? I really need to get a copy of the movie and watch it. I haven't because I've been busy with licensure exams, but I will soon.

MNS on Lord of the Rings... bwahahaha. He should stick to dark, thrillers. Avatar is not dark. Is not a thriller, and is not marketed for adults. He's completely out of his league.

And whenever someone criticizes him he goes: well it's making money in Europe. Right. Ugh.

I just watched the trailer and looked at all the bad acting and thought: What the heck was MNS thinking when he said he cast the best actors for the roles? They can't act!!!
30th-Aug-2010 12:43 pm (UTC)
MNS cast indian actors for the Fire nation? What? I really need to get a copy of the movie and watch it. I haven't because I've been busy with licensure exams, but I will soon.

My mistake. There aren't as many as I thought. The actor who played Ozai is actually Maori. Either way, most of the casting choices were just wrong.

Completely out of his league is a perfect description of MNS for this movie.

31st-Aug-2010 12:51 am (UTC)
I'm going to try to be as diplomatic as I can with this but if it doesn't succeed, please don't take this as personal, okay?

While I'm okay with most of your re-casting, I have two problems with it. One of the big controversies was the all-white casting of the heroes of the show--Sokka, Katara, and Aang (would have included Zuko too but he was recasted last minute). And while people can argue forever whether Aang's white or not - I personally don't hold to that because of the evidence of who he is (essentially a dalai lama with power) and what he believes in (non-violence), the debate can't be the same with the water tribe siblings. They live in igloos, their skin tone is the darkest of anyone in the show, their hairstyles and weapon and clothing are completely non-European which pretty much sums it up as them being definitely not white. So, I'm a little confused why you'd want to cast Jake Gyllenhal (already controversial with his film, The Prince of Persia when he's not Persian), Conchita Campbell, and Summer Glau. These are all fine actors, don't get me wrong, and each has had exposure but with Asians and Inuits already underrepresented in media and Avatar having such perfect roles, literally made for those actors, wouldn't it make more sense to fill those roles with actors from the same cultures Avatar is based on? They are out there, they just haven't been given a chance.

Another smaller point is the use of actors with star power already behind them. Avatar could have been a great place for little-known actors to debut, just like the kid stars in Harry Potter got their break with the HP movies. So I wouldn't cast big names like Jet Li or Jackie Chan, who were stars in China long before they made films in the States. Avatar is a chance for minority actors here and in Hollywood to get the break they need to get starring roles and to give those roles to actors already established seems to rob budding actors of opportunity and to also deny audiences of any chance to see fresh faces and that minorities can be heroes too.

For a better, more eloquent argument than I could ever give, head over to http://www.racebending.com/v3/featured/the-last-airbender-primer/

Again, I hope you don't take any offense to what I've written and as you probably noticed from my lj rant, I get really passionate about this.
31st-Aug-2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Nope no offense taken.

I recast them with big names because that's who I can find. I did say if I could recast them with smaller names I would. Except *I* can't call out and say, "hey, I'm recasting airbender, please audition", because *I'm* not the real casting director.

So while I do appreciate the fact that you point it out, you're preaching to the church here. (Please take note that I also placed an audition I found in Youtube of someone nameless, who could be Aang, totally backing up your statement of using actors who don't have star power. *points up to youtube embedded video*) that So please don't take it personally when I say: I can't cast some of the roles here without help.

And as for why some of them are white, this is mainly because I don't know any native american actors. And I did point it out in paragraph one (*points up* please take note) that if you did KNOW of any, then PLEASE comment and suggest so I can change it.

because I follow mostly asian films, I know asian actors. since I don't know any native american films, i don't know any native american actors and am asking help to "recast" them (again points up to paragraph one)

I follow racebending. I appreciate and understand racism in hollywood and what they're fighting against. This was just trying to shuffle actors on the field. This is not trying to debunk racebending, or to promote it, it's all in the name of who would be cast if I had this much scope and I couldn't call out for new actors, becasue I definitely support new actors.
6th-Sep-2010 07:00 am (UTC)
Thanks a bundle for not biting my head off (not a pleasant experience). And yeah, I get it, it's hard to find actors for roles especially when you're just doing this for a what-if rather than a proper job or something. For the Water Tribe siblings, some people suggested that Dev Patel should play Sokka and the girl who played Yue(?) could play Katara, on looks alone. And I think that could work. Certainly it wouldn't be ideal but better than what was. As for Native American casting, there are a few but most that I could find were adult actors and wouldn't really fit in what is essentially a coming of age story's characters. Although Inuit would be even more proper, but again, another what-if.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents in it and hopefully they won't greenlight a sequel so we won't have to play actor bingo again.
7th-Sep-2010 04:06 am (UTC)
Oh, I understand having very strong opinions on something, so I'm not offended that you have a strong opinion on it.

Yes. exactly. It's a what if and not a proper job :)

I'm more into Dev Patel as a Jet rather than Dev Patel as Sokka, primarily because I don't think Dev Patel could be that much of a slapstick comedy guy haha, not that it showed much in the film anyway.

To have a successful film, the first job order must be to changed M.Night S. haha, if they change him, I'm sure everything will become better.

Yeah that was my problem with Chinese actors too, it's difficult to find teenagers. Of course Taylor Lautner could play one of the water tribe, but honestly, not entirely a fan of the twilight cast. haha. Too dark and gloomy for the Avatar cast. Well he could try spreading his wings here tho. Oh and as a saving grace for Twilight cast (blerg, ewww, and I'm sorry if you like it), all the guys who play wolves are required to show paperwork that they belong to a Native American tribe.

Thanks for your two cents.
9th-Sep-2010 05:15 am (UTC)
I'm sure a lot of people agree with switching out M. Night but I'm not certain that he's all to blame, a large chunk maybe but not all. It's kind of Hollywood standard operating procedure to going with and encouraging messed up casting like in Avatar. I just hope there's no sequel to this.

Haha! Definitely not a fan of Twilight, so no worries there and I'm sorry for the people who like it too, especially for the ones who don't but have to deal with all the wank its fans seem to produce. I'm confused, are you saying that the cast of Twilight is dark and gloomy or that the live-action film is too gloomy to be a proper adaptation for the cartoon? Either way, dark and gloomy the original cartoon was not and for the life of me, can't understand why M. Night decided to turn up the serious and kill all the comic and lightness of the story.

We could have avoided all this insanity if they poured those hundreds of millions into a cartoon movie-with the creators and all the VA's on board of course. And maybe we'll get that eventually but even if we don't, there's the sequel, Legend of Korra if you haven't heard, to look forward to!
9th-Sep-2010 05:41 am (UTC)
Casting issues aside, I think some of the actors had potential, if the director hadn't been so botched up. We know Dev Patel could act on his own right at least.

Both. Twilight is a dark and gloomy diary of an emo girl. And The film was too dark and gloomy for lighthearted avatar.

Haha, unfortunately, the creators didn't really envision a movie, it was really M. Night who started it all, so the idea for the movie started (and ends) with him. And the movie is a retelling so I don't think another long cartoon summarizing the 3 seasons would have been worth it. I honestly don't know what they would put in a movie if it was a full length animation. Post-fire book. Probably the adventures of rebuilding the fire kingdom or something.

Yes, I've heard of legend of Kora. I'm going to miss Zuuko's voice tho. His voice acting is my favorite.
12th-Sep-2010 06:34 am (UTC)
The film probably looked worse than it was supposed to be with the last minute 3-D job to pad earnings. *Snort* I do like your summary of the Twilight books.

As for a full length animation movie, I'm sure there are some stories that could be tied up or quirky side plot things that weren't mentioned that the creators wanted to mention but didn't the time to. Oh, Zuko's mother's whereabouts or what the heck really happened that day when she vamoosed and Ozai got the throne! (Um, spoiler if you haven't seen the whole thing but I'm going to assume you did.)

Yeah, the VA's all did a really splendid job (I'm partial to Sokka myself) and I'm a bit sore that the sequel is said to have none of the original crew alive. They might show up in flashbacks but everyone's gone by the new one.
12th-Sep-2010 11:59 am (UTC)
Alas, i can't take the credit for that description, someone told it to me and it kinda stuck lurking at the back of my mind when I read book two and hurled the book against the wall.

Don't worry, watched all seasons already. :) although if I haven't your warning came waaaay too late :p Haha, forgot about those hanging threads. But hey, here's hoping for an OAV of it instead of a liveaction.

Gah, now you made me miss avatar, I wanna watch Zuuko episodes now. All the ones that have him all raspy voiced and throaty (my favorite type of guy voice acting).. but none of the Mai episodes, she makes him BLAH!!! She leeches colour out of a character. -_-; sokka is too fun for me :p although avatar is light and fun, and I seriously love that part of it, I am too serious to like fun people (bwahaha).
20th-Sep-2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Really, book two was wall-hurling bad? I actually found book two to be a tad more bearable than book one - at least there was less Edward, but yes, more angsting in return of course. Still, the main character seemed more plausible of a character sans the object of her affection/obsession. Glittery vampires...*shudders*

Well, thank goodness for that - but at least I didn't say something like the Rock was actually Toph's big brother in disguise or something. Which would be a huge spoiler if it were true. Do american cartoons do OAV's? The last time I've seen something like that was the Hey Arnold movie which was okay as a story but concerning certain characters was one step forward, ten steps back.

Ah, with an opening line like "There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred of this place," how could she fail to please? I'm joking, I can't stand her either and have to wonder about the people who support the Mai/Zuko ship - aren't they just a wee bit too depressing for each other? I was rewatching S2 at that part when Zuko's raging against the skies and says "Come on! Strike me! You've never held back before!" and I just thought, wow, this poor guy really thinks the universe is against him. He does grow a lot in the series and he's a good person at heart even if he's a bit klutz on the social graces, which makes him extra likable in my book, but he also makes life so hard on himself.

And yes! If you have the time, go rewatch and get sucked into that pretty animated world again.
20th-Sep-2010 03:08 am (UTC)
I was only able to read book 2. So I can't compare it to book 1. But if book 2 is better than book 1 then I don't want to go and read book 1 anymore.

I think they do. But Japanese cartoons do it more often. :) Here's hoping.

I've read a couple of fics. (And I've read him paired with everybody, just to get the feel of it) I've done a complete turn around in the MaixZuko department. -_-; Although I honestly think that Mai still leeches all of Zuko's spirit, I can see the reason why a lot of people follow it now. The fandom does amazing writing for the two of them. And I honestly like the pair up more than Zutara. A shipper of ZukoxMai said it best...

"Her heart was as cold as a black hole, 'til I made her mine!" Mai is an eternally calm, cool, emotionless young woman who finds everything and everyone "boring" and "unbearably bleak." Nothing evokes emotion, concern, or passion in her... except Zuko: "I know one thing I care about... I care about you." Isn't that the same as saying "Zuko knows she loves him because she's completely different around him. He's an exception to her very nature"?

So while Avatar, I think, did a bad job of portraying these two characters together (then again, they're teenagers), they have the elements of a wonderful story together. Mai does show time and time again that she does love Zuko, Boiling Rock, Sozin's Comet. And Zuko... well Zuko is a dependent character. He clings to everybody. And he gets jealous a lot over Mai. haha. And as I said, the fandom does wonderful justice to a ZukoxMai pair up. Because while the cartoon can't get inside her head, to show her beyond this cool controlled exterior, fans do. She's a wonderful counterpoint to Zuko's short-temper.

God, I can't right now. I think reading the ficdom already ate my brains.
30th-Sep-2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Yay! I've put you off reading book 1!

I've been pondering for a while about what to write...I completely agree that the fandom can and has done wonderful things for many pairings and would probably do a better job than the original creators--not to disparage them or something, but romance or the portrayal of it was not their strong point. And wow, reading Zuko paired off with everyone? You must have great patience because some pairings are best described as crack. Fun but still crack. Harry Potter example - Snape/Filch. I died.

While I can see Mai as being a centering point for Zuko, someone who grounds him and gives him the peace and calm when everything else is going bonkers, I want more out of his character. This is Zuko, prince of the Fire Nation and at the end of the series, Fire Lord. He is friend to the Avatar, helped save the world--all of which says to me= stuff of legends! And while Mai can be a good, maybe even great significant other, she doesn't seem to motivate him towards anything. Which is probably why I'm a Zutara fan, not rabid but still pretty staunch, and it's that they push each other out of the comfort zones, challeng each other's POV's and later, become friends--seeming to better each other by the association.

To paraphrase a rather interesting view on the reality of relationships, the only way to know the truth of it is to test the relationship to destruction (From the BBC series Lewis) and Zuko certainly fits the bill with what he's done with everyone that's mattered to him. He cuts ties with his Uncle, Katara, Mai, and even Aang to some extent as Aang wonders if they could be friends and Zuko shots fire at him in reply. And while Zuko "rips out" Mai's heart when he leaves her, he doesn't exactly betray her. He leaves because he's finding out that coming back to what he thought he wanted wasn't right after all but it isn't betrayal in that it's the circumstances that are wrong and not that he's unfaithful to her or something. It's his Uncle he betrays, along with Katara at the S2 finale, and after gaining her trust and pity even if he doesn't realize that's what he's doing. When he turns against her later, it's all that much worse. Which makes it reasonable if Katara never forgave him or trusted him again, but she does and they even go on a mission that's very personal to her. It feels as though they've gone through the trial by fire and come out as better people and better friends, equals even, and because they've survived through that, they can survive anything life throws at them. Which isn't to say that they automatically will fall in love but if they ever do, it would take a lot to separate them. And I guess that's the gist of Zutara, they push each other, improve each other, and have loads of potential.

I know you weren't attacking said ship but felt the need to defend it nonetheless and am wondering if that argument could have been more over the place. Anyway, I feel ships are one of those inexplicable things - some work for some people and some just don't. And just curious but is that the Avatar ficdom that's ate your brains or other ficdom?
1st-Oct-2010 04:34 am (UTC)
Haha, well, I haven't read it in the 3 years that I've had it so, I'm pretty sure I'm never reading it anyway.

Haha, well it was an adventure and kids story, and written by two males. It's understandable that they wouldn't really deal with the romance part of it. But yeah, I watched Boiling Rock part II again just to get a feel of cannon pair up, and while together they're rather... non-romantic, they do inspire great feats of... well love, apart. Yeah, I am pretty patient, and a lot of the things in fandom is written very well for me to be patient for it. I've read Zuko paired with everybody INCLUDING an URSA fic in which I almost vomited, a threesome with Ozai and Azula to which I was flabbergasted but thought, oh well, in an adult avatar and SICK world it could happen, up to and including most of the girls EXCEPT Jun and Iroh. (To which I NEVER want to see)

I've read enough Zutara to know the appeal. For me however, personally, I think Zuko can get that ambition from somewhere else, it doesn't need to be from the significant other. He has enough guidance from everybody else. Mai also has not had a chance to grow into this new person she's become after the entire series. We see snippets of her personality, but we don't understand who she is now. So she can be someone who does give him the ambition. -_- I need to write a fic now. You are an evil person.

Haha yeah, pretty much on the push each other to potential part. All though in all honesty, I really can see them pushing each other as friends in cannon 'verse. And although my personality issues with Mai is that she's an emotion leech, my personality issues with Katara is that she's this large know-it-all, and she always persists that she's right even when everybody tells her she's wrong. But again, I said, they're kids. As I said, I'm pretty much equal opportunity with Zuko, and am all right with seeing him with everybody, but apparently after having read everything in ficdom, gravitated towards the MaixZuko pair up.

Oh, I wasn't attacking the ship, and I'm sure you weren't. ... you're such a defensive person :p I'll tell you when you offend me k? Becuase we're friends. So you'll give me the same warning if I manage to offend you too. I did say I was equal opportunity with Zuko, just that I wanted a Maiko more. Probably because that's what Zuko wanted in canon, and I'm happy with whatever makes him happy. Weird and sad, but true... (huh, so if he suddenly realized he wanted Katara... uh no... I still don't think so ... haha, that means I just debunked my happy Zuko theory. well let's see what happens in Legend of Korra shall we?)

Oh mostly the Avatar ficdom ate my brains. But then I slid into a Charlie/Draco moment... and god, I just can't tell you how many ways that's wrong. And then I went all supernatural fangirl and read Castiel/Dean. I wrote a post on that weird ficdom eating brains here. Okay, it wasn't really ficdom eating my brains part weird tat I wrote about, but just how weird that I suddenly followed these ships out of NOWHERE.
15th-Oct-2010 08:39 am (UTC)
Well, that's a whole lot of creepy pairing up, but would it make me nuts if I said I want a Ursa/Iroh? And why no Jun/Zuko? If anything she can give him all sorts of appropriate and funny nicknames while they're together and especially after they break up. But everyone else...that's a lot disturbing.

And I take "evil person" as both a compliment and future incentive.XD

I rest my point. You have your preferred ship and I have mine and no logic in the world's going to sway that. Emotions and shipping, it's all illogical and fun and crazy at the same time. But we kinda know what happens in Legend of Korra--with the characters of the first series at least. There's a certain airbender who's the son of a certain couple and the mother's been revealed so, it's fanon for me. Oh and according to the grapevine, everyone from the first series is dead...I was hoping for a crotchety old Toph tossing boulders at people or something.

I don't know what to say about Charlie/Draco (Do they even meet in the books? and how does that work?) but I do know what to say about Cas and Dean and it is: *flails happily* First for the Supernatural and the Dean/Castiel...Gods, those two-I can't say enough and secondly, yay! friends! I guess I am defensive and moreso lately due to a quarrelsome acquaintance. Anyway, three cheers for fandom eating your brains! It's loads of fun.
15th-Oct-2010 03:57 pm (UTC)
Ursa/Iroh is fine. It's non-incestious. It was also accepted in ancient China. If Ozai died Ursa would have gone to Iroh anyway. I dunno, I just never saw any Zuko/Jun. I didn't mean I didn't want to erad it. I just never want to read Iroh/Zuko.

haha yeah. :)

Yeah I've heard the grapevine too. I'm fine with the ship. I don't participate in shipping wars. I love hearing other's opinions. I liked hearing why Zutara is good :) I like telling other people why Maiko is good too. We're good, yeah???

NO THEY DON'T HAHA! (Which actually I found out later, because I've only read until book 2). I had to google CHARLIE. (Did you see that in my supernatural rant haha). Charlie/Draco, uh mostly Charlie manhandles Draco a lot :p. Sometimes it's a pureblood marriage law. Apparently, I fall in love with the ship that I have the most feelings for when I read a good fic. And apparently, Charlie/Draco does it for me. *shrugs* I can't explain it. I read a good fic about them and just, suddenly found myself shipping them. I still remember the fic that heralded the slide into Charlie/Draco. Haha/

Friends. See :) I'm happy to have all of these conversations about ficdom and fandom and other views. I don't like people ALWAYS agreeing with me. I like a good argument. It makes you see the other side of things. I'm sure the world would be a boring place if everyone agreed with you. So as long as we understand that if I'm getting mad, and you're getting mad we just sound the whistle. Or like we're degenerating into SHIP WAR we'd just go to a corner and time out, then we'd be fine.

BTW... you read my fic rendezvous with fate right? did you check out the fan art? haha :p
27th-Oct-2010 08:17 am (UTC)
Huh, didn't know that. I know there's something like that in the Bible, but didn't know that was also accepted in ancient China. Would she have been a second wife or something?? Yeah, agreed on the ick on Zuko/Iroh.

Differences in opinions are good. I'm with you on that. We're good, I swear, we're good and thanks for the concern. And haven't participated in the fabled shipping wars in any of the fandoms either but I heard they got ugly. Like there were tales of Kataang vs. Zutara tearing up the Avatar fandom and similar battles in the the Harry Potter fandom. Have you heard of the Ms. Scribe incident? I read a little about it and it was insane how one woman did so much work and caused so much damage by pitching different ship supporters against one another just to rise up in the ranks of HP lj fans. Scary.

Yeah, agreed with that. Good fic will do funny things to ya. I was laughing with a friend over the apparent absurdness of Dean/Castiel only to be roped in a few months later by S4 and the ridiculous amount of fic recs and love for the ship. Charlie manhandling Draco, eh? Don't think Malfoy would be very amenable to that but Charlie does handle dragons so a less than cooperative Malfoy should be easy. And yes, the almighty irrefutable laws that put two characters together!!! Even ones that haven't officially met! Ah, the power good fic has...

Yep, have read Rend, but don't think I finished it. Sorry! Fell off the Ranma bandwagon. The art is lovely--the costumes and their feet are so dainty!
27th-Oct-2010 10:19 am (UTC)
I'd have to find the reference, but I vaguely remember that a wife was usually married to the husband's brother if he died to protect her. Not a second wife. A second wife is a designation in his wives, Ursa could be Iroh's 'first wife' since Iroh's wife is already dead. (Or was that what you meant?) First wife means his most favored wife at the time, and all other concubines and wives follow her. She is the head of the household.

Ok, :) Nope, never heard of shipping wars or participated in them. I actually talk more to adults than teenage girls. (The usual people who start shipping wars) bwahaha. I don't know much about the Potter fandom, I'm not a fan... (oh see right there, this is the reason why me following Charlie/Draco was so strange).

I actually follow fiction sort of like books, so if I find good writing, regardless if I didn't know the characters I follow them. (Then I use the almighty GOOGLE. :p) This was how I ended up watching season 4-5 in supernatural in one go, Charliexdraco, and recently, Dark Angel's White/alec (alec's dean in spn) Torchwood's Jack/Ianto. Which is weird because I don't even know what Torchwood IS. And I stopped watching dark angel at season 2. argh. Argh. Fanfic, this is YOUR FAULT.

That's fine, I was just wondering if you saw the art, it's really old, it needs partial re-write. :) anyway thanks for commenting on the artist's site.
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