[anime] Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation 魔道祖师 Mo Dao Zu Shi

 photo grandmasterofdemonic.jpegDescription: As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior brother and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on.

Thoughts: This is actually shounen-ai, I didn't realize it at first because it's SUCH a slow burn! I watched season 1 anime, then because I needed a bit of clarification, read the manga and then am now reading the novel. The anime will lead you to the backstory for season 1 which does not have a lot of shounen ai in it, just really cool action scenes and the backstory of the mythology. The manga will have the past and the present running together, which will give you more information for things you didn't understand in the anime, and the novel.. will give the best reading. It's very good.

Read for the fantasy, stay for the slow burn. I love old time fantasy stories!

Translated and Scanlated by Exiled Rebels.
I watched the anime online through Blogspot's Watch Chinese Anime Online.
Then I'm reading Exiled Rebel's scans, I download the manhwa through Exiled Rebel's scans but if I'm at work I read it on my phone through Manga Rock just finished reading chapter 63! OK


Kevin Tran iCon

It's been a while since I've done any icon. And without photoshop to boot OMG so I just used this editor be Funky Which is free and kind of standard. I had to do it a couple of times. Icon was commissioned by me from Rizun27. She works very fast and her chibis are well done. So I actually don't have a supernatural AO3 icon so I did this. I'm planning to shift this Cas icon in my LJ to AO3 in the future, but to feature Rizun's work I did a very basic Kevin Tran Icon

 photo kevinsolo.png

]We'll see if I can redo this in photoshop once I get my computer back. But anwyay, a Kevin Icon! Not that a lot of people still need these icons. Ahhh gone were the days.

As always (but maybe livejournal ettiquette has been forgotten in this age of... I dunno tumblr and facebook): Credit when using. Comment when taking.



Transcript: Osric Chau meet and Greet APCC 2018 Day 3; 6PM Panel


Osric: What happened to the ... what happened to the couch that I never used?

Nikki (emcee): You're not, you're not using it! You're either sitting there or just standing up.

Osric: Yeah, you're right.

Nikki: So let's just sit.

Osric: But where are they [the couch]? Now I wanna sit on them.

Nikki: (laughter) Alright, so how are you? This is I think... your last meeting for the day?

O: It is, it is.

N: So are you tired or no? Do you still have the energy?

O: No... I'm very tired. But I'm only tired because I played up til 4AM playing StarDew Valley... three days in a row.

N: (reiterates) three days in a row

N: So... you know the drill now Osric. Your fans will be asking questions from you and I'm sure you'll answer everything or anything that they will ask.

O: Sure, let's answer questions.

N: Alright, so again if you have questions please just raise your hands.

O: Alright, I'll do my best to answer as fully and thoroughly as I possibly can.

N: Go for it!

Fan: Hello, Gryffinpuff.

O: Hello, gryffindor... gryffinpuff?

F: That's you! Nung friday [translation: Last friday] oh... I just want to ask, since you're doing cosplay and all that, um... what's your top 3 favorite anime and do you have any recommendations for otakus like me?

O: Uuhhh... I'm basic with my anime, right now... Naruto will always be a favorite, cuz I've been watching it for fifteen years and I was really excited that it was over... and I can't get over that. The original ones. I haven't actually started Naruto yet, but I will eventually, so Naruto : I love the themes. One Punch Man, I absolutely love it. My Hero Academia. I just need to get back on it, cuz I think it just started again... I forgot the rest of your question. Was there another one?

F: That's basically it.

O: That's IT! Did I answer it good?

F: Yeah.

O: Did I do good?

F: Cuz you already recommended your top three. So that's it.

O: Okay, what did that have to do with cosplay? You talked about cosplay.

F: Cuz most people cosplay only the things that they love... it's rare for a cosplayer to do a cosplay of something that's just popular, so it's usually ... the cosplay usually comes from the heart.

O: Ohhhh... cuz that's called selling out (chuckles) Uh yeah, that's true. It would be really weird. You don't want to walk around in something you don't like. Cuz then it would just be weird... like actually weird. Ok it's weird but it's like, why did you do that?... Don't do that to yourself. Have you ever cosplayed something you don't like?

F: No.

O: Have you even thought about it?

F: Yeah but I don't think I--

O: No. That's crazy. You spend so much time and effort in something that you don't feel proud of or comfortable doing. Thats not a good way to do it.

F: Thank you.

O: That being said, I definitely want to do a Saitama cosplay at some point? I think when my hair is a little bit shorter and I could do the bald cap a little better, I'll do it.

F: OK Thank you.

N: Hi thank you let's proceed with the next question please. Let's go you first and you next.

F: Hi, Osric. First of all, welcome to the Philippines. I think you've been here a while.

O: Thank you. It's good to be back but we come back next month.

F: So I've been a Hillywood show fan since 2007 2008. You were walking dead one and a couple more after that. So I was wondering, how did you get role? And which one that you've done is your favorite.

O: So if you don't know the Hillywood show, so they're a parody... they're a youtube group that do REALLY high production value parody videos for pretty much every fandom. Not anime but TV shows, movies and they do it to such a high degree that... like their suicide squad parody, I think, is better than the movie. Go figure. But I met them in Spain at a convention. Got off the airport, and I was sharing the ride to go to the hotel and they were with their mom. And i ended up talking to them, and I was like 'What do you do?', and they're like 'Oh we're making these little home videos.' I'm like 'OK. Can i see them?' And they're really shy about it and when i see the youtube, 'You definitely undersold yourselves.' [To toe Hindi sisters] They just see themselves as like little youtubers, and I'm like... like the level of craftmanship that they do. They didn't even know what cosplay was but they're incredible cosplayers in that they have amazing costumes. They do their make up so well. The camera work is just like any film set. They're so impeccable with their set designs. There's like so many disciplines that they oversee in every one of their parodies and so... they did a... I begged.. I'm like, 'When are you doing a Supernatural parody? I would totally be in, let me be Crowley, please.' Annd... and they were and they asked me like, let's do the Walking Dead, and I'm like, 'Fine I'll be Glenn.' 'How'd you know we were going to ask you to be Glenn?' 'It's... It was obvious.' So I was Glenn and then eventually they just did the Supernatural parody and they asked me to be Crowley, and I was super excited, but then I couldn't do it because I was working on this other project and I couldn't do it and then I mean I was super sad about it. But then afterwards, that project ended up changing and I so could do it again. And they were like, 'oh no we already have a Crowley, BUT you could be a sam we don't have a sam yet.' So that's how I ended up playing Sam in the Supernatural parody, which is actually really well done and I pulled most of the rest of the cast were on the parody. So if you wanna see, the Supernatural parody, featuring, the cast of Supernatural it's on the Hillywood show. We have a second one coming out, that I am a part of and THAT'S probably my favorite one, even though I haven't seen it yet. When is it coming out?

F: I don't know. I'm still watching the progress bar on the website. I have no idea.

O: Where is the progress bar right now?

F: It's on their website.

O: But how far is?

F: I have no idea, I haven't seen it in three days?

O: Three days ago where was the progress bar?

F: I think it was like... at sixty or seventy {Transcriber note: it's at THIRTY guys}

O: Sixty or seventy?

F: It's like... really close.

O: I thought they were going to have it out... by this month. Okay this is a lot of work honestly. This is their biggest one EVER. And I can't talk about it, because they're not done yet. And they're really paranoid and afraid that I'm going to spill the beans because I'm really... I'm like that (chuckles)

N: Alright, so let's move on to the next question, right here.

F: Hi again.

O: Hello again.

F: I bumped into you earlier. Sorry I had to interrupt your walk there

O: No worries.

F: For my question since {note: I'm sorry she's eating her words so much I can't understand}... Marvel or DC? And who's your favorite character?

O: Marvel. The incredible Hulk and/or spiderman But probably the Hulk

F: I actually know someone in the back who did cosplay the Hulk. (points to Nio at the back)

O: Really?? You did the Hulk?

F: He did a Bruce Banner changing over.

O: Oooh, that's waay smarter. I did it once and I think I stained the bathtub...

F: Oh no...

O: It was at a hotel tho. I don't think they charged me for it buuut....I used a really heavy pigment of green. And I put it-- I was barefoot and I put it all over my feet, and so I got it everywhere.

F: But why... why the Hulk?

O: I was a very angry child. And every time i became angry I wanted to destroy everything and everyone and the Hulk just made so much sense. And I've never gotten past that. I'm just... always angry now.

F: Thank you.

N: So let's go on to the next.

F: Hi, is there a chance that you'll be back in Supernatural even if your character is dead?

O: Yeah, of course there's a chance. I mean they'd probably gonna bring me back and shoot me in the head again. And then ideally they can bring me back several times and then they'd kill me in other creative ways. I mean, Crowley has killed me. Sam has killed me through Gadreel. I have killed me. Maybe Dean and Cass need to kill me next. Right? Probably. No, you know what. Kevin needs to miraculously, they go through this crazy adventure and this magical spell and when he finally revives, Kevin needs to go back to the bunker, trip up over a post, and fall, and his head lands on a nail and he dies again. Something like, super mundane and like, that was just an accident that could be easily avoided. Kevin is allergic to peanuts and he eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No, he's probably allergic to shellfish and sam gives him something, like some take out and they didn't know that Dean used the same burner for the seafood dish that they did for that burger and he died from an allergic reaction.

N: Ok so. Next.

F: Hi, so I've been a fan of yours since supernatural. I also just recently watched Halo. So my first question, was that actually you who doing the backflip? The crazy gymnastics.... and can you do it now?

O: Yeah. In my tsinelas? [Translation: flip-flops] I just, banged my toe walking through a door earlier, so I don't know if I could jump with it. If you guys didn't know I did a-- the most expensive webseries in history. It was for, Halo 4 the game, leading up to the game. There are like instead of a marketing campaign, let's just make a whole series, a six part series, where the last scene of the last episode, is the first scene of the game. And so they released it every weekend, and it was a really cool thing. None of us knew, what it was. And when I read the script, I thought they were being really lazy? I mean they couldn't even name their own thing, they just called it a warthog and they weren't even using the all same terms because it was really secretive. And it wasn't until like a week of training before we saw an actual warthog driving around. And we were like, 'Waaaiit a minute. What? What are we doing? What's this for?' We found out it was Halo. And they were like, 'Yeah surprise! Here's a bunch of toys and stuff.' Yeah, I started before acting I was a stuntman, martial arts. That was a big part of my life. The first acting job I got because I could do my own stunts and everything after that was just acting roles. I haven't actually had a chance to do it since. I mean I could try but ...

N: You're tempted to do it.

O: This is probably stupid. But...I'm not very smart so...

N: Want me to to move everything?

O: Now, there's a chance that i can fall on my head and become dizzy, but what's life without chances right? Hold on, let me see if I can jump. Do you think I have enough height to go over? I think I got it. I like a challenge.

N: I could hold the mic for you... five pesos

O: My feet are really sweaty though, I wonder if I'll slip. It's been long time since I did it.

N: Maybe we shouldn't do it?

O: Maybe we shouldn't but...what's life without chances? And this is my last meet and greet so if I trip on my way down and I hit my head on that corner of the coffeetable I already have a scar here so it won't look any different and I'd be done with the con.... okay, I think it's possible. I think the last time I did a backflip was.... what month is it now?

N: July.

O: July. I think the last time I did a backflip was in ... February? Five months. I'm 32 years old now.

N: You could take your time. You could do your stretching first.

O: This is probably a... oh yeah, I need a warm up, I'm old and uh, I made this mistake when I was younger by just going into things. And I realized that at a certain age that you just can't do that and not pull a muscle. And I'm at that age. So how about I answer another question while I stretch.

N: Who wants to ask another question while he's doing his warm ups?

F: Hey so I'm a big Supernatural fan and I was wondering if you could do Supernatural cast.. impersonations? But you're stretching, so it's okay if you wanna do that later.

O: "Dean... Sam... Hello, boys." I need to watch more of the show probably before I could do impersonations of them. I've seen not enough episodes. I think I've seen probably two seasons, like total, cumulative?

Fans: What? Nooooo

O: I know. It's a really long show tho? I don't know if you know. It's like thirteen seasons? And I have a lot of things that I need to do. And the one anime that I haven't seen uuuh... what other characters are there?

FANS: Bobby? Cass!!!

O: What does Cass do? Can you show me a... show me Cass impersonation. (to the fan who asked the question)

FANS: points to a Cass cosplayer in the other side of the room. Here. here.

O: Let's see the fake Cass do it first. (Osric means the guy who asked the question) I mean Give it a shot first.

F: [impersonates]

O: All right, let's give it to Cass. Let's see what Cass does.

(fan cosplaying as cass): Okay... I can only say one word confidently in Cass's voice, and that's Dean, Dean, Dean

O: Dean, Dean. Laptop. You're such a... ass. No wait...Ass...You're such a bitch jerk.... uh, what does Cas say?

Fans: Assbutt!

O: Assbutt, yeah, uhhh. yeah. Who else? What are some of the iconic things that the girl character say? Rowena? What does Rowena say?

Fans: Megacoven!

O: Megacoven! My terrible Scottish accent. I'm really bad at impersonations. I should really practice. Megacoven. Actually yeah. Ruthie would be really fun. Ruthie would be really fun to kind of make fun of. But she's so sweet that I don't want to do it. I think Crowley would be my favorite character to impersonate. Uh but I also don't know any... he has the best lines. Well, I also don't have an English accent that I could do properly. Okay, Mark Sheppherd would just roll his eyes. 'Osric, what are you doing?' Allright that's my best. Sorry. Uh, okay I'm still warming up.

N: More questions for him.

F: Hi...

O: Hi, Hermie!

F: Um...So how do you think Kevin... Are you familiar with the episode The French Mistake?

O: I am familiar with the fact that I haven't seen it yet. But also that it is that it is one of the more popular episodes.

F: The French Mistake is where the boys and Castiel.. oh just the boys they wake up, they wake up in our world. Where in Sam and Dean wake up as Jared and Jensen. How do you think Kevin would react if the French Mistake happened to him?

O: IF Kevin woke up on this stage stretching, I think he would freak out. Just like that hospital scene. And like, 'What's happening?' He would react to all of you like he reacted to angels and demons. He would freak out. Because honestly, that is the most realistic response. And I think that's one issue that I have with the show, it's like everyone's so cool about it. And it's like a really weird thing. And I'm like you see seomthing like that wouldn't you freak out about it and when you get used to it, you learn about it you'd be okay again? yeah I think Kevin would freak out probably

N: TY more questions? Are you ready? Or are you ready. I think some could still could ask.

O: I wonder if I my form will be good. My shirt is also really tight. oh man

F: I was going to ask about your role in Dirk Gently. How do you feel about the role?

O: Dirk Gently... how do I feel about the role? As much as I love Kevin, dirk gently is probably like my favorite role. It's like...easiest funnest thing that I got to do. And one it was, I got to be series regular for season 2. Right that means I knew that I have a stable job for a little bit and I could stay in Vancouver. So I was just with my family the whole time. Two, I didn't really need to prepare anything because I can't really prepare for the Rowdy Three. They just yell nonsensical things and break other things. And so if that's your job, to break stuff and yell at people, you've got a pretty good life. And that's what I had to do for two years. Absolutely love Dirk Gently, love the show. Vogel is really fun job to play. And I got the taste to be series regular on an amazing show that I loved. Thank you.

N. Alright thank you so much. So do we have more questions for Osric before he does his..

O: Hi, Min!

F: Hi, could you speak Chinese?

O: I could speak Chinese. I'm pretty rusty tho.... does anyone here speak Chinese? Then I could speak ALL the chinese? No one speaks Chinese? Oh... okay... [Speaks chinese] Yeah OK, I literally said stuff that might not have meant anything. Now, what did I say? I said, I can speak Mandarin, but I can say whatever cuz you don't understand right?

N: Okay? So, more questions for osric Okay we have one here.

F: Hi, osric, I love supernatural

O: Okay, are you big enough [of a fan that] you could do this back flip for me?

F: My god your smile. I'm really nervous. Sorry. Kevin Tran in the first verse has sam and dean and in it. And in the apocalypse world Sam and Dean, Sam and Dean doesn't exist. How do you think the world... the Earth without Sam and Dean... How does... Kevin Tran in the apocalypse world would affect him? {I'm so sorry, the sentence structure of this girl was all over the place... she was really overwhelmed :D *hugs random fan*}

O: Ah well, Kevin in the apocalyose, in world without Sam and Dean in it, is very depressed. I mean It's a Kevin with no hope. And the only one he has to turn to he has in that moment in time is... Michael. So it's not a very good one, and the only option he saw was to kill himself and Jack and Mary and the whole resistance, basically. And not a pretty one. Not that the other one was better, but at least at least Kevin was kinda happy in the first. Yeah sure Nothing good never happend to him, but he was doing something he was part of something that was serving a greater purpose that he believed in. ANd they all did too. But in the alternate universe it's just Michael's lives so... yeah..

F {undecipherable squeeing}

O: Waht's your name?

F: Avery

O: Hi avery, I like you too.

F: Thanks!

O: And I like your shirt.

F: Thank you.

O: ok now do this back flip

N: ok let's do

O: oh

F: So we know Kevin Tran 1.0 is stuck in the ring with his mother before the void. So where you satisfied with that ending for Kevin Tran 1.0? ANd if not, what would you do?

O: Well, I mean, ok, kevin Tran 1.0 went to heaven after all, didn't he?

F: Well... that's the... with the ring...

O: No, no, no. Chuck, sent him up to heaven right?

F: Oh, all right, if that's if you're satisfied with that

O: It's better than what happened before that... which I can't remember now. Uh yeah, it was the ring thing, right?

F: Sooo... if that's your answer... what would Kevin's heaven be like?

O: Kevin's heaven is... he finds out who his dad actually is. Who IS his dad? I think Kevin's heaven is very very simple. He's with his family, there's no stress. He can just study and learn things and and a very obvious path he needs to take. I think Kevin is very goal oriented. If you tell him he should do that he would do it. He could relax for a bit cuz he's never been able to relax in his entire life, so maybe in death he can. Kay.

N: Okay?

O: here we go. I'm gonna do it. I already said so.

F: How different was it working in a big budget movie like 2012, versus your other.

O: I wish I could appreciate 2012 when I was doing it. 2012 was my second big project, and it was my first in North America. And I just assumed that every project was going to be like that. But 2012 which was a big disaster movie, which is THE most expensive movie ever done in Vancouver, even to this day. Um, it was REALLY stupid, what we had. We shot for 6 months. We had the budget to shoot for 6 months. We had 14 studios as big as this that they would rotate. Build different sets. The Tibetan village where I filmed at, they spent a month and a half building it. We shot one day, and then they tore it down. We had two helicopters. One was a prop helicopter and then one the other one was for shooting, that John Cussack had would take from the trailer to the set. There was just so much money on the thing. We have like real lobsetrs and sushi for lunch. And I just felt that was normal? And I was like it's great! I could do this! And like all the other productions since then have been... not that. I mean it was awesome tho. I still remember there was one day where a studio half this size and there would be this huge rock face, all fake rock that went from here to the ceiling and we're just five of ups we're just running along with one close up shot of our feet. It might have been like two three seconds, and that's all they needed for that set. It's crazy. I wish i could appreciate what it was at that time. It was the first movie that was ENTIRELY computer graphics and so it was pivotal for, CG films from then on.

anime: Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work)

 photo Cells_at_Work_v1_cover.jpg

This is a splash of Disney's Inside Out made into anime. It's funny, but mostly the anime feels like a high schooler's introduction to the human body. Amusing and informative, it does do a lot of exposition in the first three episodes. I plan on looking at the manga to see if it's better. :D There doesn't seem to be a major story arc other than introducing the characters (the platelets are just waaaay too cute), but it is just the first three episodes. We'll see if they introduce a major baddie or more plot later on. For now It's a must watch and it's in episode three.

It's Cas not Cass

This was written in fun. Please take it with a grain of salt.

This started because lately there have been so many people debating over Cas vs Cass in my FB group.

No beta, but concrit is always welcome

Collapse )

Everybody has been fighting over this lately and I laughed my head off. Really. People are so passionate about fanfiction. If you want to talk about it further in the comments, be my guest. But please respect everyone's opinions.

Anywhoo, English is not my first language. Therefore, I resonate strongly with Cas in this (plus if you have grammar advise and if you think my tenses switch too much give me a holler. I'm very receptive).

Also I'm not against American phonetics, I'm just amused that people think it's the only way to be correct.

Because I'm ESL I researched the following:

S vs SS in the English language

English words for ss pronounced as z

single s and double ss

Double consonants in English

And my very old research on Cassiel vs Castiel (Taken from my old Big Bang research):

Research of the transliteration of Cassiel versus Castiel (I largely believe kaphtziel's blogspot because a) it's not fandom related, b) it was posted in December 2004, where Supernatural could not have colored it at all and c) they cite reference... if you really want that meta and are fond of research go and peruse it.)

So there, Castiel and Cassiel are two different angels. During the transliteration of Castiel (Katzpiel, etc) scholars stumbled along the way and merged him with Cassiel (Kaphziel, Quafsiel, Kafziel, Casziel, Casiel). Transliteration means going from the Hebrew alphabet: ' קפציאל ' to the Roman letters 'Cassiel' as opposed to translate which goes like: love = amour = ai which can all be Romanized.

As an aside, I only googled the hebrew transliteration of Castiel so if anyone knows better give me a holler. Because I know Cassiel's Hebrew is קפציאל due of research but I can't find Castiel's because it gets buried in Supernatural references instead of Kabbalah references.

Disclaimer: Supernatural is property of WarnerBrothers and the CW, and is the brainchild of Erik Kripke. All use of the characters from the series is unauthorised. I am merely borrowing them for a time, and will return them promptly.


Curses Photobucket, Curses

I've been in LJ since high school, and though I know some may find it outdated since there's tumblr and a lot of other platform, I still like it because of the big bangs and stuff. I know people have migrated from hosting fics in LJ into larger more specific archives like AO3 and, but I've held on to LJ becuase i like the platform of writing whatever comes into mind.

That's a full on rant because HELLO PHOTOBUCKET, you just totally destroyed my entire layout, when I can't even find ,my original layout maker in livejournal anymore XD. I did find the how to of the layout_lounge to be useful. In anycase I'm not sure if I can fully migrate my pictures here beause it's more than 10 years of just being in photobucket and just livejournal and stuff. But hopefully I find better third party places to upload pics.

Fortunately, a few years ago, livejournal did allow for a small number of pictures to be uploaded in their site for free users so I'm now uploading my layout pics there.

Despite thefulcrum being out of commission for a few years now, I am thankful that I still got some of her styles before she completely took off the web. Thanks!
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Alpha Omega Dynamics and what has taken over my fics... and apparently my manga

I started reading shounen ai and yaoi when I was in college. Mostly because I outrgew shojou in its sweet romances, and shounen ai sometimes afforded more social nuances than shoujo (and sometimes the smut in yaoi was better than smut in shoujo... go figure)

I started reading slash fanfic many years later, mostly I was reading themes of it from AO3's tag list. If I wanted a story I would follow it's tags. Then, I didn't have a pairing. At that time a lot of wolf stories were abound in traditional fiction, mates and scent bonding in the like. On the BL side, there were a couple of mpreg stories, becuase after reading yaoi, shounen ai it's natural progression to want your OTP to get pregnant and procreate, right? Right, so beyond adoption and since we're already dealing with fantastic in fics let's give them mpreg.

A/B/O is actually the love child of all of the mating wolf/dragon (were) fantasy with alpha males with mpreg.

I actually did read a lot of these wolf paranormal romances, and I read some good mpreg. I've been away from the manga world for quite some time, so imagine my surprise when I came back and searched for tags in Baka-Manga and saw... Omegaverse in them.

I tried reading some of these manga, and surprise, in the beginning of each tankobon, there's an explanation saying that omegaverse started in Europe and US and the basic dynaics of it and whatever elements they adapted in their manga.

[Anime] Psycho Pass

I loved this. This is the dark incarnation of Minority Report looking at it from the side of the society in general and the people that they were hunting to get to the root of the problem which is: if society was largely sterilized, what will happen to its people's violent tendencies?

Also it shows you the side of the criminals that do get past the system. And those are damn scary, sociopaths in all honesty. I liked season one better, mostly because of the characters that were in it. Division 1 was more solid in season 1, and the main adversary Makashima, was more sociopathic and more devious than season 2's Kamui. (Besides his kill count is higher than Kamui's) although season 2 has slightly more disturbing crime scenes. Season 2 is also shorter, owing to the fact that there were no introductory episodes, and it was main arc immediately. BUUUT season 2 is more predictable than season 1, and the only thing I liked from season 2 better than season 1 is the Ginoya v.2 XD

As for the movie, I'm pretty impressed, they actually had half the cast speaking English half of the time with some... Thai? Indonesian? mixed in there for the SEAUn bits. Mostly the SEAUn is actually a lot of the meld of the SEA nations (except the Philippines because it's largely Catholic.) THe movie does tie up the loose end of... where the hell Kougami is right now and what is happening to the rest of the world while Japan is again isolationist. Honestly the movie was mostly meh... it doesn't deal with a lot of the grit and murders and the frank psychopaths that you dealt with the series, but again, I think mostly it was done to tie up some loose ends, and was largely a cut out of a Kouga episode.

 photo efa88ca2-359d-4352-a30e-9bbdef304736.jpg

Cover, Fan art: Rendezvous with Fate

It took me another 7 years and Canva to make an actual cover piece for rend. I really, really should spend more time with my fanfics XD

In any case, based off the cover of Hana to Yume my childhood shoujo manga go to, and comissioned from the ever talented koi, who has now hit it big time and is already doing his own comics My cover art for rend:

Cover, Fan art: Gates of Bronze Bars of Iron

I am again at my yearly time where I take two months off to do nothing, travel and generally overthink life, reopen my livejournal for a while and upload random things.

So while doing this, one of my main obsessions when I was youner and making fanfic was getting a book copy of my fic for my personal use and to give as thank you's to people who are really really great with helping me with the fic. While I was doing this I needed to make a book cover of Gates of Bronze and Bars of Iron to actually print it make it into trade paper back to go into my cool room XD. In any case.

I stumbled upon Canva which is really really great with thinking up of formats for the book. Gone were the days that I had to think of typeface, layout and general worrying about the fanfic cover. And becuase of this, I tried it out with my Dean Cas Big Bang (waay back in 2014, because ... CURSE YOU SEASON 12 ENDING) and also because I haven't actually finished writing book 2 of what was supposed to be a multi book thing.

Rambling again. The main prupose of this was to show you the covers that were made, again owing thanks to bluesyundertone who was my artist for this DCBB so now I have a pretty art cover book which I will never display in my coffee table lest someone ask me... what is Destiel? Haha
 photo Gates Bronze and bars of iron.jpg photo Gates of Bronze back.jpg

So there you have it covers for my book shelf that is placed at the upper right hand corner of my entire coffee table so that no one but me can fully access immediately.