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17th-Apr-2014 06:29 pm - Goodbye, Stanza... hello, Marvin!
So while in one post I was talking about how to save my books from Stanza, I went and downloaded over 20+ readers in an effort to search for the best ipad fanfic epub reader.

So a little background on that.

Stanza had everything going for me: it tolerated really really large fonts (or just variable text size really), flipping a page doesn't mean the hassle of animation (which is brilliant if the book is boring me to death and I want to flip a few pages ahead and check if it's still worth reading), I could adjust brightness, and in landscape view, it didn't have columns that a lot of the readers seem to favor. Unfortunately, I found out when I changed ipads (and subsequently OS into 7) that Stanza is no longer available for download in the appstore because, well, Amazon bought it let it die a slow painful death in late 2010. (Yes, I know, this is such a late realization)

This prompted me on a massive search for a new epub reader out there to replace my beloved Stanza. And it was really difficult especially since it was mildly depressing (I went on book starvation for a week. Of course it was depressing.) And while downloading and trying all those apps is another story all together (yes, I might post comparisons of all epub readers I tried someday in excel format, but while that hasn't been set up yet, here's that comparison table from Wikipedia that I would have actually like to have read before I mounted on my massive downloading spree), I finally found the best replacement possible: Marvin.
 photo Marvin_-_eBook_reader_for_epub_on_the_App_Store_on_iTunes.png

I really find this ebook reader amazing. If I could download the entire Archive of Our Own in it automatically, I would. And we could actually do that because unlike most readers, Marvin can handle literally hundreds of books. I am already in 613 and I have yet to have issues with it.

Now, I know that Marvin has had other reviews good ones by Tidbit and by Cult of Mac and while those are really really good articles, this will mainly focus on how I found it wonderful. (Namely, fangirling over Marvin app because I use it to read fanfiction in bulk... go figure). Now while I actually do read Marvin for books I've bought and converted to epub, fanfiction is completely another thing because you can literally download hundreds of fanfiction in the span of one day.

So bulk downloading that amount of fiction does get a fic lost in your library somewhere. But not so much with Marvin.

Now if you're like me and bulk download once a week from your favorite fanfiction site, another issue is downloading a story that you already have and having two copies of the same story in your ipad. Something that in Stanza, I found out by seeing the -1, -2 after my recent download. However, Marvin solves that for me by telling me that I already HAVE that book in my library.

So on to what this app can doCollapse )

And okay those are the things that I've found really really wonderful in Marvin, what were the things that you loved about Marvin?

OOOR what's your favorite ebook reader?
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