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Memoirs of a Fan
Heirarchy of Feudal Japan :: Resource 
21st-Dec-2005 08:55 pm
Just finished with chapter 9 and 10 edit.

But since this is also a resource post:

This is a little something to help you
understand the hierarchy of feudal Japan (Tokugawa Era... yeah I know my story
is pre-Tokugawa era) Although I did not strictly adhere to this since I didn't
have a copy of this when I started out four years ago, there is a semblance of
it, and it might make you understand things a little better </span>

Or start your own fanfic :p (In which case tell me about
it... (siuane@gmail.com)
I love reading as much as writing :))

(c/o 'Queer Things About Japan', Introduction copyright
1918)  -- I don't own it!!! :)

Picture c/o Edo Japan - A virtual tour... I'll link as soon
as I find where I actually placed that link....


    The Mikado

    The Shogun (Commander in Chief)


    Daimyo or Buke

The Go-Sanke 

Three Exalted Families


350,000 - 610,500 koku


Lord of Provinces

 18 in number

200,000 - 1,000,000


Members of the Family ie, the Tokugawa

18 in number

10,000 - 200,000


Outside Lords ie, not of the Tokugawa family


10,000 - 200,000


Successful Races

About 115

10,000 - 200,000



Banner Supporters

80,000 families   forming principally the functionaries (Yakunin) of
the Shogun

500 - 9,999


the common soldier

... a lot  ... :p

 up to 500 koku of rice

Nota Bene : Just so you remember a koku is what
they paid their underlings back then. It's a measure of rice.

For the purposes of Rendezvous with Fate, I have placed the character as

Happosai around the Kokushiu

The Highest member of the Tendos, Ikkaseis and Kunos as Tozama

Ranma as Tozama/Fudai.

Nabiki as Hatamoto  when within Saotome ranks. (When she's outside
she's just a plain woman... sad isn't it??)

If you remember, Tokugawa still isn't the supreme ruler in my fic yet... so
there might not be a Tozama or Kamon... so I changed the history around a
bit... it's called creative license

HEIMIN (or Common People)

    Haikasho or farmers

    Shokunin or artisans

    Akindo or commercial class, the keeper of the smallest stall being
called a merchant.

 Besides these five classes (the mikado, the shogun, daimyo, samurai,
heimin) there were, not worth of classification, being considered as pariahs :

 The Eta     (unclean)          leather-dressers and grave-diggers

The Hinin   (not-men)         paupers

The Geisha                         dancing and singing girls

   and  Joro                                     prostitutes

The Yamabushi                   a lower order of medicant monks

After the abolition of feudalism in 1869, the population was thus

The Tenshi or Kotei           Emperor

The Shinno                         Imeperial Family

The Kazoku                         the nobility, consisting of former
Kuge and

                                              Daimyo without Reference
to previous rank

The Shizoku                        Formerly the samurai

The Heimin                         Still the commoners

Rendezvous with Fate: A Ranma 1/2 Alternate Universe Fanfic




Ryu Kumon Excerpt

Chapter 13 Extra A (the caldera we climbed that inspired the fic)

Chapter 13 Extra B (insights on some of the things in Chapter 13 so that you'd
understand why I wrote the story better)

Heirarchy of
Feudal Japan

Original Fics

External Fic Links:

For the people uncomfortable reading in LJ:

Fanfiction.net : iCe

Fanfictionpress: iCeDreams

nFiction.net: iCe

mediaminer.org : iCe An6el

own site: iCe.esmartdesign.com (needs
HEAVY fixing, wait until I finish rend... I'm having a headache trying to fix
this site.)

in other words it's crossposted everywhere


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